Portrait Commissions

Photorealistic paintings starting at $300

Graphite portrait drawings starting at $80

Photorealistic Paintings

Miniature (4x4 - 6x6):     $300.00

Small (7x7 - 10x10):     $600.00

Medium (11x11 - 15x15):     $900.00

Large (16x16 - 24x24):     $1200.00


Small (4x6):     $80.00

Medium (5x7):     $90.00

Large (8x10):     $120.00

Extra Large (11x14):     $140.00


For graphite portraits, full payment upfront is requested. Because watercolor and acrylic portraits require more time, there is a non-refundable retainer fee of 50% of the portrait cost due upon signing of the portrait agreement. The remaining 50% of the balance, including any applicable sales tax and shipping costs, is due upon completion of the painting.

Shipping & Delivery

Shipping rates are additional to the above prices and vary depending on the size of the artwork. Delivery and pickup are available and free to clients within 60 miles of Fairfax, VA.


Drawings take approximately  3-14 days to complete. Photo realistic watercolor and acrylic paintings take approximately 2-16 weeks to complete, depending on size and complexity.

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